Health & Happiness

These are the two things I want the most, and the things that I’m lacking.

My health has been on a decline for the last couple of years, I’m currently going through the lengthy process of numerous doctors appointments and tests and waiting to see if one of them will shine some light on what is going on in my body.

In the meantime I struggle to cope each day, and slip further back with my panic attacks. I’ve suffered since I was 13 and had fought so hard to overcome them but now I’ve slipped back into them and I’m kicking myself so much. Everyday I can feel the anxiety just waiting inside to burst out.

All of this leads to depression and general unhappiness, I just hope that one day soon I will find out what’s wrong and find a way to improve my health, get a hold of my panic attacks and find happiness again.


3 thoughts on “Health & Happiness

  1. My utterly un-informed and un-educated understanding of panic attacks is that it’s your Fight or Flight response going into overdrive. It’s one of the most powerful responses of the body; it’s meant to override absolutely everything else as your body thinks you are in mortal danger. Don’t feel bad about struggling to fight them – you’re trying to override hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, and if your ancestors had been able to easily override them and ignore a dangerous situation, you probably wouldn’t be here (nor me). Thank you for dropping by my blog – I’m hoping to write a bit more in the future about panic attacks and the methods I’ve found for managing them, I hope there’s something in there you can glean to help you in your own struggle. In the meantime you’re welcome to drop by the blog anytime.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your panic attack problem; I can relate, because when I was married to my first husband, I also suffered from panic attacks as it was an abusive relationship. I am married now to a most wonderful man and have no more problems with panic attacks. I will be praying for you and you health issues. Hang in there.

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