Things I’m thankful for…

I was inspired by a post on someone else’s blog. This is a list of things I’m thankful for and that make me happy.

My Dad – he is my rock!
My closest friend – She can be a pain and doesn’t always understand me but she will always try and is always there.
My car – It provides me a freedom and control that I would be lost without.
My mobile & laptop – they provide great comfort to me.
Water – It’s my favourite thing to drink!
Money – I may not have much but it provides me the comfort of paying bills and running my car.
The Beach – I love to take a walk along the beach, and try to do so regularly.
Music – It’s a big part of my life, whilst I cannot play any I enjoy it daily.
Glitter – I love anything that sparkles!
Dance – I love to dance, don’t judge me, just let me feel the music!
Rain/Winter – I love weather that means I can cuddle up in comfy clothes.
My Purple blanket – whenever I feel ill or low I can wrap myself up in the luxurious blanket and feel safe.
Hugs – Particularly if there coming from my favourite person a hug can brighten a day or lighten a load.
Writing – whether it be fiction, no fiction or poems!
Supernatural – currently my favourite tv show.
TV/Movies – An escape from my often depressing reality.
Baking – I love to lose myself in the kitchen cooking and baking!
Social networking – Staying in contact with people I’d otherwise drift from.

I’m sure there are many other things that I’m thankful for or make me happy but these were all that came to mind so these are most important.


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