New Years Resolutions

Every year I make resolutions that I never keep to, usually I end up doing worse than I did the previous year. This year I’ve decided I’m not going to make resolutions, I’m just gonna try be the person I want to be!

It’s gonna take a lot of effort to change, and there’s gonna be a lot of changes that need to be made if I’m to get close to being the person I wish I was, the person I once was. So this is the start, no goals, no time frames, no guilt if I mess up. I’m giving myself the freedom to be myself and to be who I really want to be!

This will involve; losing weight, controlling my anxiety, being happier, eating healthier, living healthier, being less materialistic, managing money better, living in the now, appreciating what I have, working hard for what I want.

So here goes, hello me!


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