I’m losing…

I think I’m losing my best friend, she’s dating someone and now never has time for me, and I don’t begrudge her spending time with him at all, but she makes plans with me then cancels, saying she has no money or feels poorly but then sees him?!
She even cancelled on my birthday?!
My other friend says I should have it out with her, but I don’t wanna argue and I’m not sure it would change anything anyway.
She says if not I should let the friendship go, but how do you let go of your best friend, someone who pulled you through the worst period of your life, someone you pulled back from the brink of suicide? We’ve been through so much, I thought we understood each other and that we would never abandon each other like this? That friendship like ours is a gift and to make time for each other?
I guess not 😦


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