Cry for help!

I don’t know how much longer I can handle this…
I’m in a really bad place today, I cant get awful awful thoughts out of my head… I’m so afraid, I feel like they’ll drive me insane.
I just want someone to take me away from the loneliness where these thoughts thrive, but when I’m drowning in fear where are my “friends”, they couldnt care less about me. They’ll leave me to die scared and alone. Someone save me, please


2 thoughts on “Cry for help!

  1. Don’t give in! you are so brave for saying these things. I mean it! i have felt the same way you are feeling, so many times! But I mean it when I say you will feel better. people care about you, and so do I! and I haven’t even met you. You seem like such a wonderful person, and so brave. I promise. dont give up. it will get better.

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