Love is like the truth, sometimes it prevails, sometimes it hurts.

Often hearing the truth can really hurt, but I would rather be hurt by the truth and not deceived by lies. In the end the truth always comes out and even though it hurts, it’s always worse if you then realise you’ve been lied to and deceived.

Don’t take me for a fool that will believe your lies and deception! Be a man and tell me the truth. I will get over the hurt but I will respect your honesty, lie to me and I will only think of you as a deceitful coward with no place in my life!

I hate that people will justify their lies as an act of kindness to protect your feelings. Why do they assume that you are too sensitive to accept the truth even if it’s not what you wanna hear?
I always try to be honest with people, even if I know they want me to be in agreement with their thoughts and hopes, I’d rather just be honest and supportive, in the long run I think this does less harm.
In relationships, be that with family, friends or lovers, I think it shows integrity. I respect these people in my life far more than those I know only want to appease me with what they think I want to hear.

It hurts when you realise that someone you trusted and respected has been deceiving you with their words. I feel let down. I feel like an idiot. I feel like behind my back they’re laughing at me for being a fool and believing them! And now this relationship is ruined, and I’ve lost someone I really cared about, because now they feel like a stranger, a cruel shadow of the person I thought they were. It hurts.

And now my own deception will begin, because you have broken my heart, but I won’t allow you to see my pain.

[Edit: 20/8/14 – Just a tiny note to say, my instincts were correct on this person, found out they had been lying to me this whole time, and they still are, only that the other person involved has been honest with me. People!]


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