Don’t Leave Me… Please!

My Dad was diagnosed with COPD about 7 years ago, he was prescribed various inhalers that would help keep the condition under control. However unless I nag him he won’t take them.
He went to the doctors today and they want him to go for a chest xray as they think his chest is getting worse and that the inhalers aren’t working.

I’m so angry with him, because the inhalers would probably have worked fine, if he could’ve just cared enough to take them everyday, heck even just ever other day! I put them right next to the kettle with a laminated A4 page that said what to take, how much and when! He must go to that kettle a good 15 times a day for a tea and yet he never takes those inhalers!

I don’t wanna lose my Dad, I love him so much. I don’t wanna not be able to do the stuff we still want to do. I don’t want him to not be here if I ever get married. I don’t want his grandchildren to not get another good 10-20 years with him.

I can’t cope if I lose him, he’s my rock. He’s the light in a dark world. The voice that keeps me sane and grounded. I don’t wanna lose him. I can’t! I already lost my Mum, I can’t lose my Dad too.


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